Upcoming New Condo – Parc Komo (Former Changi Garden)

Parc Komo (Former Changi Garden) has scooped S$248.8 million into its own en bloc sale. This is important considering that the asking price for the house has been S$196 million.

Changi Garden, sits 200,093 sq. feet, and is situated in the interception of Upper Changi Road North and Jalan Mariam Road. It is official storyline ratio is 1.4 – from here; therefore its own gross floor area allowable for growth can go around 280,130 sq. ft.

Parc Komo (Former Changi Garden) is readily obtained with both private and public transportation. The proximity of the project to MRT stations and bus stops earning commuting by public transportation very feasible because of its occupants. The simple fact that the streets from the land lead out to noteworthy destinations which makes commuting by private transportation also achievable for residents of Changi Gardens.

There are a significant number of noteworthy educational and educational centers in the neighborhood of Changi Garden to cater to the requirements of its occupants. The local childcare and instructional centers comprise preschool, kindergarten, primary, secondary and global schools.

The gorgeous design of this facade extends into each flat in Parc Komo (Former Changi Garden). Beautiful finishings will make certain you’re dazzled everytime you step in your own abode. Be wowed by a house that’s both stunning to the eye and house into the soul.

Adorning your personal chambers in Parc Komo (Former Changi Garden) are furnishings and fittings which exhibit high quality. With this kind of luxury being thrown around in prosperity, these romantic moments are nearly too good to not share.

The foundation of Chip Eng Seng Group extends all of the way back into the 1960s, when its creator, Mr Lim Tiam Seng began the company for a construction subcontractor for traditional landed properties. With competitive pricing and superior work, the company grew and the business started taking on the function of a major contractor. In 1982, the business won its first Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB) job as a principal contractor. With that, the business continued to set its own standing in HDB public home building.

Nowadays, Chip Eng Seng is one of Singapore’s top building and property team with companies spanning across building, land development and real estate investment.

These awards demonstrate our dedication to corporate transparency.

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